Data Integration Strategies

Data Integration Strategies in Drug & Diagnostic Development

See how the leaders in biotech and pharma are discovering and developing new drugs with clever data integration strategies.

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The Experts in Data Integration


Dr Stephanie Yaung - Roche Sequencing

As a Senior Manager in Global Medical and Scientific Affairs at Roche Sequencing Solutions, Dr. Yaung generates and communicates clinical evidence supporting sequencing assays and informatics solutions.


Prof. Richard Kennedy - Almac Diagnostic Services

Professor Richard Kennedy is Global VP of Biomarker Development, Medical Director and CLIA compliant Laboratory Director at Almac Diagnostic Services. He is responsible for the application of the company’s technology into medical practice.


Dr Munisha Smalley - TCR² Therapeutics

What are the key points when approaching automation and which tasks should you automate?


Dr Matt Alderdice - Sonrai Analytics

Matt joined Sonrai Analytics as Head of Data Science in 2019. His current work involves developing novel methods of stratifying cancer patients to improve outcomes using AI and machine learning.


In this Symposium:

  • Get a deeper understanding of your audience
  • How to attract new sponsors
  • Get tips on how you can increase the value of your existing data
  • Discover the steps you can take to identify the next big drug via innovative data analysis
  • Get clever data integration and data management tips to improve efficiencies
  • Understand how to make the most from your data analysis resources
  • Find out how biotech. leaders Roche are integrating data
  • Find out how diagnostic leaders. Almac are helping biopharma companies with their innovative data solution.

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