Better CRO Data Management

Future-proof Your Data Infrastructure

CROs need to act now to differentiate themselves from their competitors, protect their reputation and demonstrate greater value to their clients.

A multidisciplinary team of expert laboratory scientists, bioinformaticians, and project managers have formulated the following checklist to highlight the key steps a CRO should take to future-proof their data infrastructure.



In this checklist, we outline the steps that you can take to ensure you have greater confidence in the quality of your data.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating Effective Data Lakes
  • Pipeline Your Data
  • Automating Repetitive Tasks
  • Preparing Your Data

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What's Inside

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Creating Effective Data Lakes

A data lake needs to accommodate a wide range of data types and file formats. If your data lake cannot change to meet modern-day laboratory instruments’ needs, it will fail to scale.


Pipeline Your Data

What data processes should you pipeline? Are you repeatedly processing data to create reports? Are you performing the same repetitive tasks manually?


Automating Repetitive Tasks

What are the key points when approaching automation and which tasks should you automate?


Preparing Your Data

Following these steps will ensure you have greater confidence in the quality of your data.

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